There's no city in America quite like Boston, Massachusetts. To start, Boston is home to some of the greatest sports teams in the USA such as the Red Sox, Boston Celtics, the Bruins and the New England Patriots. We are also home to a number of annual sporting events that attract participation from people all around the world.

The Boston Marathon

One such event is the annual Boston Marathon. This event has traditionally been held on Patriots Day which is a state holiday in Massachusetts. The marathon is hosted by several towns and cities in the Greater Boston Area. It is the oldest annual marathon in existence and is ranked as one of the most popular as well as challenging running events in the world. Athletes from all over the world come to compete at this annual event at which Boston locals play a significant role by either joining the marathon or cheering the athletes to victory.

boston marathon

Boston, MA Events and Festivals

The city of Boston also holds one of the world's most popular wine festivals, started by chef Daniel Bruce. The wine festival is held at the Boston Harbor Hotel and attracts some of the worlds' best wine makers and wineries. Since its conception in 1989 over 75,000 bottles of wine have been opened and no menu has never been repeated, totaling over 3,000 dishes that have been cooked.

Another popular event is the Boston Haborfest. Harborfest is the largest Independence Day festival in the entire country. Over 3 million people come to Boston for the festival, with the highlight of the festival being the fireworks on the 4th of July. The festival celebrates the colonial past of Boston and the revolutionary war that started in Boston.

St Patrick's Day is not only popular in Boston but around the world. Held on March 17, it is held to remember the death of St Patrick the patron saint of Ireland. The day is a chance to celebrate the Irish culture and traditions and, here in Boston, our annual parade is the highlight of the festival.

The Boston Film Festival held in September has been running for 29 years. It is used to showcase talent from up-and-coming as well as celebrated film makers. It is commonly confused with the Boston International Film Festival which is also a reputable annual event held in Boston.

The Phantom Gourmet Food Festival celebrates good food, beer, music and entertainment. It is a 21+ festival that attracts over 10,000 participant who drink beer as they move from stall to stall sampling the food. It is held every September in Boston and is now spreading to other cities around the United States.

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