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Custom Closets Fort Lauderdale

Custom Closets Fort Lauderdale

Solve Your Closet Headaches with Affordable Custom Closet Solutions

While you are spending more time indoors during the cooler weather is the perfect time to make plans for closets in your Fort Lauderdale home. Whether you are designing a new house or contemplating a renovation project, you should consider the benefits of custom closets over stock closets. While stock closets offer cookie cutter molds that are okay for everyone but not perfect for anyone, custom closets allow flexibility, personalization, and maximum usage of space.


Closets don’t have to be all shelves and clothes rods. A custom closet can also include efficient and affordable storage solutions to keep and display all your personal items. A few hours to plan the ideal closet now will save a lot of frustration later. You don’t want to be sorry you left something out or didn’t use the available space to its maximum potential.


Custom Walk-In Closets: A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

Custom walk-in closets are the ultimate solution for those who want more than just storage space. When efficiently laid out and planned, a custom closet has multiple uses and in the case of a walk-in, is a room unto itself. Do you need a place that has: Custom Walk-In Closets: A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place


A place to display and store your belongings


Enough room for two people

Space for one or two mirrors

A bench or seat for trying on shoes

Great lighting to show off items

Enough drawers

The potential for adding unique requirements

If you answered yes to any of the above elements, a custom-made walk-in closet could be your dream come true.


When designing a closet the fundamental structure and layout is the first decision to make. Most homeowners who want large walk-in closets design them in one of these shapes:


Long rectangle from side to side

Long rectangle from front to back

Wide U shape that uses three walls

Wide U shape that uses two wall

After the layout plans are complete, you can choose the individual storage solutions that create the “perfect’ closet. Determining the necessary heights for rods, shelves, bins, and drawers will give you a starting point for designing.


Custom Reach-In Closets: Good Things Can Come in Small Packages

If you don’t have space in your home for a walk-in closet, you can still have a custom Reach-in closet. These types of closets are typically built along one wall where you “reach in” for items instead of walking into the area. This basic design can be any length and height. The depth should be at least 30” to accommodate larger clothes hangers. This is the ideal style closet for smaller bedrooms and those who prefer storage over a display. While these closets don’t offer the space or display area of a walk-in closet, you can still incorporate many fabulous organizational and unique features into them to make them work for your needs.


A major factor that determines the style and shape of your closet is the amount of space you can allocate to it. Let our designers and craftsmen know your needs, and we can cooperatively design the ideal plan.


What Can Your Custom-Made Closet Do for You?

Custom closets have enough benefits to make the time commitment and financial investment to create them worthwhile. Whether you are buying more clothes and shoes or downsizing, you need enough room and organization capability for an effective closet. Here are the reasons most people want custom closets instead of stock units.What Can Your Custom-Made Closet Do for You?


You can design them any way you want instead of accepting someone else’s ideas.

The craftsmen help you plan for maximizing the space to hold and display as many items as possible in a pleasing and functional manner.

You can choose from a wider selection of materials, hardware, colors, and layouts.

Everything inside the closet will be sturdier and more durable.

Create extra space for things people typically do not house in a bedroom closet.

Include unique requirements for you or your family members.

Allow extra space for future needs.

You deserve to create a closet you can fall in love with and enjoy as long as you live in your home. Spending a little more time and money can make that happen.


Clothes Rods, Shelves and So Much More: Storage Solutions and Accessories of Custom Closets

If you only want clothes rods and shelves in your bedroom closets, you can, of course, have them. However, building custom closets comes with some pretty neat perks and accessories, including:Benefits of Custom Closets


Shoe racks and bins

Drawers and boxes

Drawer organizers

Custom hangers

Intimates storage

Accessories storage

Any and all of these solutions and accessories can be yours with the creation of a custom closet. Solidify your designs and plans for us to use as the basis for your closet and let us get to work.


Don’t Settle for Stock Closets: Reach Out to Skilled Craftsmen for All Your Closet Needs

Sunshine Alliance Cabinets & Millwork will make your closet dreams come true in the most amazing ways. Our skills and expertise show in every detail we create. Call 954-637-7317 for a free consultation.

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