Boston, MA, is one of the oldest cities in the United States of America. It possesses a rich history and holds deep, cultural significance for many Americans.

The Puritans Find Their Way To Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts, was founded in 1603 by the Puritans who were traveling from England. It quickly became one of the most economically progressive cities in the New England area. Bostonians were historically a religious group, and their Christian ideals influenced every aspect of their lives. All citizens were forced to go to church, marry and bear children, as was expected of any strictly Christian community at the time. Some even took to more drastic methods and severely punished or killed those who were not of pure faith or were deemed not to be by groups of clergymen.

puritans the beginning of Boston's history

In the late 1600s, the colonies of England, which included Massachusetts, were all united together under the Dominion of New England. This area was governed by the appointed Sir Edmund Andros. However, many of the citizens of Boston were not happy with the Church of England at the time, and as Andros was a great supporter of the Church, the political uprising began to ensue.

Boston Grows Out Of Its English Roots

As the city continued to grow, so, too, did the minds of its citizens as more and more people wanted to move towards a progressive society and move away from the pressure of British rule. Boston continued under the British for the next one hundred years, becoming increasingly more oppressive as the years went by.

In 1746, England served another tactful blow to the new colonies by issuing the Stamp Act. It was officially enacted on March 22, 1765, and required colonists to pay a tax on every single piece of paper that was printed. This caused enormous unrest amongst the colonists, as the tax was only imposed in order to pay for the British military, and did nothing to serve the new country they were trying to colonize. Bostonians began to riot, killing 5 people in what is now known as the Boston Massacre in 1770 and dumping British tea into the Boston Harbor, which is now famously known as the Boston Tea Party.

The American Revolution

This was the spark that would truly ignite the American Revolution and many historians claim that it began in Boston. On April 19, 1775, the Revolutionary War began and led to the United State’s freedom from England after the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Following this triumphant moment in history, Massachusetts became the 6th state in the United States on February 6, 1788.

Now, Boston is a huge tourist destination for history buffs and cultural epicureans alike. It’s an enormous center for the arts and visitors flock to the city every year to take part in historical tours, see performances, see a Boston Red Sox Game, explore the city, shop at luxury stores and enjoy the rich cultural atmosphere that the city provides. Boston is truly a walking city, with many people choosing to explore on foot, or by taking “The T”, Boston’s public transportation system.

Some people may not know that Boston is home to the United State’s oldest park and first chocolate factory, making those places hot tourist destination spots for the curious traveler.

Have you ever traveled to Boston? Treat yourself sometime and see our historical city for yourself!

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