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Once again the annual trip to the Paris interior design shows did not disappoint.  The 2020 Paris Deco Off display from fabric houses showed an incredible range of pattern, color and texture.  Overall there was a feel of a 1980s high end revival.  While blush and a soft blue green were still showing, colors of spice and a mix of geology joined the group.  These later colors also reflect a sense of an updated 1970s palette.  Texture was still strong with every house having a nubly (yes I made up that word) neutral in contrast to the 1980s geometric patterns.  At the Maison et Objet show metallics and channel upholstery reflected a sense of the 80s once again.  Scale and proportion are definitely better this time around.  There was a lovely mix of metals throughout.  

My favorite part of the week is going to fabric houses when the design directors are showing their collections.  You hear the stories of their inspiration, construction and function for each of their new fabric lines.  Better yet, you feel their enjoyment of their craft and get a sense of how much work and dedication they put into their lines.  Some of my favorites are Nobilis, Dedar and Jim Thompson.  I am inspired by not only their depth of product but also by passion for fabrics.  

The larger single fabric growth across all of the houses are the performance fabrics.  Once called outdoor and then indoor outdoor, performance fabrics are just that - They have the ability to function well outdoors, indoors, and commercially.  Many of the fabrics are cleanable with soap and water.  Yes even red wine.  So many of our clients have children, pets (and husbands) so these fabrics function beautifully.  Not to mention, they also look and feel amazing. No longer flat just wovens, now there are thicker yummy fabrics that are soft to the touch, fun patterns and color combinations.  There’s no reason to look beyond performance fabrics these days when you have real life happening in your home.  

Yes, once again Paris did not disappoint.  It’s well organized, delightfully accessible on both sides of the river and best of all, it is Paris!! 

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